Mikaela J

Small Business Gift Guide

When I started putting together gift guides for this year, I knew that I wanted to highlight some of my favorite small businesses. I can’t even imagine how hard small businesses have been hit this year and I encourage all of you to consider shopping at your local shops and boutiques this holiday season. It would be nearly impossible for me to share all of the small businesses that I love, but I compiled a small list of some of my favorites below. I know each purchase means the world to them and the recipient will love it that much more. Happy shopping!

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

1. Custom Straw Tote from Beau & Ro

I LOVE this bag and I think this would be the perfect treat for anyone looking to sneak away and travel to a tropical destination the first chance they get! The tote can be customized up to 10 letters and is handmade in Colombia, South America.

Beau & Ro straw tote

2. Adorable Coffee Mug from Evelyn Henson

Evelyn Henson is so incredibly talented and her custom illustrations are always so fun and colorful! This mug is a perfect gift for a co-worker, neighbor or teacher.

Be The Sunshine coffee mug

3. Colorful Sandals from Palm Beach Sandals

Palm Beach Sandals are always one of my go-to’s when it comes to gift-giving. The iconic style is so classic and the gift would be appreciated by anyone! They even have game-day color combinations and custom monogram options.

Palm Beach Sandals

4. Packing Cubes from TRVL Design

Packing cubes are one of my favorite ways to organize when traveling. They are the perfect way to compartmentalize and they are even more fun in adorable patterns like these! A perfect gift for someone who travels for work or enjoys a weekend away!

Packing Cubes compression

5. No-Tangle Hair Ties from Teleties

I have been using Teleties for years and they are the best when it comes to not pulling or breaking hair. I also love that they don’t leave a crease like normal hair ties and they double as a super cute bracelet!

no-tangle hair ties

6. Preppy Headbands from Lily Lough

If you are anything like me, 2020 has been the year of ponytails and topknots. Any time I actually have to leave the comfort of my home, I love throwing on a cute headband to hide my messy hair. These adorable knotted headbands are the perfect gift for any girlfriend or sister.

Lily-Lough Headbands

7. Fan Palm Print from Urban Garden Prints

Urban Garden was founded by a pair of sisters who grew up in the South and have a love for nature. With styles ranging from Boho to Coastal, their colorful prints are sure to please everyone on your gift list.

Urban Garden Prints

8. Cache Pot Candle from WH Hostess

The WH Hostess candles are hand-poured at Hedge Farm with a full two pounds of wax for an extra-long burn time. And as an added bonus, they double as the cutest re-usable decorative container.

WH Hostess candle

9. Ginger Jar Beaded Earrings from Lisi Lerch

Lisi Lerch always has the CUTEST jewelry and accessories and these Ginger Jar earrings are a no-brainer when it comes to picking out the perfect gift. Hand beaded in pink, yellow or blue, they are sure to please any chinoiserie lover!

Lisi Lerch earrings

10. Tassel Necklace from The Tiny Tassel

I absolutely love tassel accessories and The Tiny Tassel is the pro when it comes to all things tassel. The pieces are Handmade in Charleston, South Carolina and come with multiple tassel color options.

The Tiny Tassel Jewelry

11. Custom Home Watercolor from Le Papier Studio

One of my favorite custom gifts for a new homeowner or a newly-married couple is a watercolor house painting.  It is a gift that will last a lifetime. Each custom illustration takes 8-10 weeks to produce and pricing depends on the size of the house and complexity of the architectural details.

Custom Home Watercolor