The Secret to my Clean Car

For as long as I can remember, I have been a member of the “messy car club.” It’s definitely a thing and no matter how hard I tried, I could not manage to get out of it. The wrappers from after-school snacks lived on the floor and the junk mail seemed to always find its way to the back seat. That was, of course, until I found Mister Car Wash.

I was so excited when Mister Car Wash invited me to attend their grand opening event in Tavares, Florida. I ended up meeting the most amazing employees and I had the best time learning all about their company. They have over 300 locations in 21 states and they are constantly expanding.

I knew that keeping my car cleaned would help with my sanity, but I had no idea how easy and addictive it could be. With Mister Car Wash, they make it so simple. Their unlimited wash club allows you to zip in and get your car cleaned as often as you would like. I had so much fun driving through the tunnel and watching the signature HotShine Wax and Tire Shine work their magic. I definitely felt like a VIP as their employees welcomed me and helped me throughout the process. The best part is that after you drive through, you have access to a ton of free vacuums! Now all those goldfish and pretzels are goners.

In addition to their amazing car wash (seriously, my car was shining), I was surprised to hear about how much Mister does for their employees and for the community. For example, Mister recently granted $45,000 to deserving teachers for their classrooms, including recipient Evette Canino of Lakeview Middle School in Winter Garden, FL. It is so refreshing to hear about companies that truly care and like to give back.

Thanks to Mister Car Wash, I am now a proud member of the clean car club and I am never turning back. I actually love pulling in every few days for my car wash and vacuum. For anyone looking to step up their clean car game, I highly recommend looking for your closest Mister Car Wash! How do you keep your car cleaned?

Spring Flowers {What I’m Wearing Wednesday}

Dress / Shoes (Old, but this style) / Earrings / Sunglasses (Old Prada, Similar)

I just love spring. With all of the fresh blooms and warm sunny days, you can’t help but walk with an extra pep in your step. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Sailor-Sailor. I was so excited when they sent me this new floral dress from their spring collection. The print is gorgeous and the fit is perfect for a mom on-the-go, or for anyone wanting to look cute and feel comfortable all day.

My absolute favorite part about this dress is the UPF 50+ moisture wicking fabric. It is so breathable and awesome for our long days at Disney or any days where you are out enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

I love so many of the prints and styles Sailor-Sailor has to offer – what is your favorite print?

The Best Guacamole {Friday Happy Hour}

Fridays are tough in our house.  Both kids are exhausted from the school week and Peter and I are ready for the weekend.  Because of this, we usually opt to stay in for the night. To make Friday’s a bit more special, I have started creating a “Happy Hour” for Peter and I when he gets home from work.  I put out a yummy snack that we enjoy with a cocktail and it sets the tone for a relaxed, amazing weekend together.

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10 Must-Haves to Pack for your Next Disney Cruise {Travel Tuesday}

Once my family and I decided to book a Disney Cruise, I spent countless hours researching, reading and watching everything I could to prepare for our trip.  It had been years since I had taken a cruise and now with kids, I knew I needed to plan more than ever.  Cruising with Disney was amazing and they took care of so many things, but there were definitely some items we packed that made the trip so much easier!

Now that we are back, I figured I would share the items I would recommend you pack for your next cruising adventure.  These items would obviously be awesome for any cruise/ship and are not limited to Disney, but after our last trip, I would HIGHLY recommend you book your own Disney Cruise! Literally the best family vacation, ever! We ended up packing a lot more than we needed so I think it will be super helpful to share the items that we actually did use and will definitely take on our next Disney Cruise.

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We went on a Disney Cruise! {Travel Tuesday}

I am SO excited to share with you that we just got back from our first ever Disney Cruise! We originally had booked a week to Atlantis and after some recent negative reviews about the property, we did a switcharoo and booked a last minute Disney Cruise on the Magic.  It was seriously the best decision ever and I am already looking to book another one! Because we were so last minute and we planned to travel over Spring Break, our options were a bit more limited.  We ended up booking a 5-night cruise out of Miami and the only negative we had was that it wasn’t longer.  We can’t wait to book a 7-night out of Port Canaveral!

I plan on sharing ALL the things about the cruise and I will review our excursions and experiences over the next few weeks.  I did a lot of research before sailing so I will try and share as many things as possible to help any of you that might be looking to book a Disney Cruise for yourself or for your family.

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