5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I have been blogging off and on for about 13 years now and I truly love everything about it.  The blog has changed a lot over the years but it has always been something in my life I can visit when I am feeling inspired or lost.  It gives me a home and a space to share what is important to me! I have also been so fortunate to have met so many amazing people over the course of my blogging journey.  I am so grateful to everyone that reads my blog, follows me on my social media channels and supports this little business of mine.

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The Cutest Zip Pouch {What I’m Currently Loving}

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to keep things organized.  I have definitely jumped on the Marie Kondo wagon and I have been getting rid of so many things around the house and only keeping things in my life that “spark joy.”

In my process of getting rid of things, I decided to finally tackle my cluttered and disorganized make-up cabinet.  I got rid of so many products that I didn’t use and it feels so amazing to only have the products that I love and that make me feel my best.  In my process of re-organizing, I was thrilled to use my new Carrie Dunham leather zipper pouch for my favorite lipsticks.

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Our Top 3 Family-Friendly Florida Weekend Getaways {Travel Tuesday}

For our family, 2019 is the year of experiences.  We have been through a lot the past 5 years and during those struggles, we have truly realized what is important to us.  Instead of toys or trinkets, we have decided that we want our family to get out more and explore this beautiful world we live in.  Specifically, we want to explore more of our gorgeous state of Florida.  Florida is such a huge state with some of the most breathtaking beaches, parks, springs and experiences.  We can’t wait to share with you some of our destinations and why we love them.  To get started, I have shared our top 3 Florida destinations we have already experienced as a family.  There are so many more we want to visit and I am so excited to add to this list!

30a – 30a has a special place in my heart and will always be my number 1 for family-friendly Florida destinations.  I grew up near-by in Destin, Florida and there is something about 30a that always makes me smile.  The beaches are gorgeous, the food is delicious and the small neighborhoods up and down 30a are truly magical.  I highly recommend staying at WaterColor Inn and Resort.  In addition to saying at a fantastic resort, your family can also bike to nearby Seaside for a day full of homemade ice cream, the best grilled cheese and a fun day of shopping.  WaterColor Inn and Resort is located directly on the beach and even has a kid’s club for your littles!

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Pizza Night on the Big Green Egg {Family-Friendly Recipe}

Making pizza for the Big Green Egg

I remember when I was younger my mom would set up a “pizza bar” for dinner where we would create our own pizzas on english muffin halves.  It was so fun adding the toppings and eating our unique creations. I wanted to recreate this for my own kiddos and I thought that using the Big Green Egg would be the perfect way to give our pizza night an upgrade.

You can absolutely make these in your oven or even use pre-baked crust, to save time.  We have been looking for more ways to incorporate the BGE into our weeknight meals and once you have had grilled pizzas, you will never go back.

Homemade pizza ingredients

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