Mikaela J

2019 Goals and Resolutions

I am usually a pretty positive person and I like to find the good in everything.  2018 was no different.  Even though there were some difficult times, the year was filled will amazing memories and experiences. My little family traveled more than we have in years and we finally found a place of peace with my daughter’s health.

For so many years I felt like our life was put on hold.  We were always so concerned about my daughter and her lack of energy or uncertainty that we were afraid to travel or commit to too much.  After her last open heart surgery in October of 2017, we felt a weight lifted off of us.  Even though she still has a long road ahead of her, a lot of her energy was restored and our constant need to monitor her numbers was taken away. This provided a lot of peace for us and I felt like for the first time, we were able to live.

As we start 2019, I want to continue this fantastic road we are on and improve upon myself and my family.  I want this to be the year of experiences.  In saying that, I did put together a small list of goals that I would like to set for myself in the new year.  What are some things you would like to accomplish in 2019?

Read One New Book Each Month – I am really excited about this one! A friend of mine told me about Reese Witherspoon’s book club and how she recommends the most amazing books each month.  My friends and I even talked about starting a book club of our own and maybe this will be the year we do it!

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares her 2019 goals and resolutions. Are you ready to set your goals for the new year?

Experience More / Buy Less – This is extremely important to me.  I want my kids to place less value in the stuff they own and start to develop more of an appreciation for the experiences we can provide for them.  Whether this be a simple bike ride through Winter Garden during the Farmer’s Market, or our trip to the Bahamas during their Spring Break, I don’t want to take one single moment for granted. The experiences are what life is all about.  No one remembers all the LOL dolls.

Meal Plan – For a long time my family used a meal delivery service for our dinners like Blue Apron or Home Chef.  We loved it and felt like it made meal time so easy.  For the new year we decided to take a break and start cooking more meals of our own.  Because of this I want to do a lot more meal planning and meal prep to make our week nights easier.  Let me know if you have any week night recipes you love! I will be sharing some of my favorites soon!

Go to Bed Earlier – I usually wake up pretty early to work my side hustle VIPKID where I teach little kiddos in China how to speak English.  It’s ah.mazing.  But because of that, I am usually pretty exhausted each night after the kids go to bed.  Every night I say I am going to try and go to sleep early and every night I stay up much later than I should.  This year I want to turn off my phone, turn off the TV and go to sleep early so that I am more productive each day.

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares her 2019 goals and resolutions. Are you ready to set your goals for the new year?

Drink more Water – This is a biggie for me.  I don’t like water and I have to force myself to drink it every day.  I don’t drink sodas, but I do drink a lot of La Croix or Perrier instead.  The carbonation contributes to so much bloat and makes me feel icky each day.  I am using my new Bloom Planner to track my water intake to make sure I drink enough each day.

Blog More – This year I am hoping to add more fresh content to the blog.  I have so many great things I want to share! So thank you to all of you reading and coming along with me for the ride.  Your support over the last few years has meant so much and I can’t thank you enough! Cheers to a new year!

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares her 2019 goals and resolutions. Are you ready to set your goals for the new year?

Good luck to everyone on their goals for the new year!