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60 second parfait

60 second parfait

Last weekend I had company over for brunch and I needed items that I could make quickly and that would be toddler and adult friendly.  I threw together these delicious parfaits and they were a big hit with everyone!  They were so simple and looked great on a buffet table! I made them about an hour before my guests arrived and put them in the fridge until I was ready to serve. I served these in rocks glasses, but you can really serve them in whatever glasses you have! These would also be super cute in stemless champagne flutes or small mason jars.  Enjoy!

60 second parfait (makes 6 parfaits served in rocks glasses)

* 1 bag of granola (your preference)

* 1 32 oz. container of plain yogurt

* 3 cups of strawberries, diced

* honey

60 Second Parfait

1. Layer your parfaits in this order – 4 spoonfuls of yogurt, 3 spoonfuls of granola, 3 spoonfuls of strawberries, drizzle of honey – and repeat a second time to fill the glass (the amount of each item will depend on the style of your glass)

60 second parfait