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A Day at Disney with Jiobit

Florida travel blogger, MikaelaJ, shares a day at Disney with Jiobit. Jiobit is a GPS tracking device that you clip on your children!

Well, summer is over and for my kiddos, that means one thing…Disney World! We are annual pass holders and my kids literally count down the days until our blackout dates are lifted so we can return to the happiest place on earth.  With us living in Orlando, it was a no-brainer to purchase annual passes and we spend most of our open weekends spinning, flying and eating our way through the Disney parks.

Disney World | Magic Kingdom

As much as I love visiting Disney and experiencing all of the magic that it has to offer, walking through the parks with my young kiddos always makes me feel a little nervous and cautious. The crowds are overwhelming and kids are so excited and unpredictable.  It only takes one second to lose sight or for them to dart off into a sea of strollers and mouse ears.

My anxiety started to increase when my daughter saw a character walking through the park and without hesitation, bolted in her direction.  I am not blaming Daisy, but I knew at that moment that I not only needed to have a heart to heart with my 4-year-old, but I also needed to find a way to feel more at peace when we were in these crowded environments.

Through research and the suggestion of a friend, I was introduced to Jiobit.  Jiobit is a GPS tracking device that you clip on your children and you can track and locate them at any given moment.  Everything is set up through the app on your phone and can be customized to your child and family.  You can set up “safe places” and even a “virtual fence” where your phone will alert you with an alarm if the children travel outside of that perimeter.

Jiobit App

For us, Jiobit has been a game-changer.  It provides security and the peace of mind I need when we are placed in crowded situations.  Right now the kids are 3 and 4 so they are mostly by our side, but I can only imagine the benefits it will have when they are bit older.  In addition to amusement parks, we plan on using them for our upcoming trip to Boston.  They will be perfect for the airport and all of the exciting activities we have planned!

Kids wearing Jiobit at Disney World

The Jiobits are easy to set up, easy to clip on and last over a week on a full charge. The kids loved picking out their own case color and there are multiple ways to attach and clip on.  I am so excited to explore all of the possibilities with the Jiobits and can’t wait to hear how they will help you and your peace of mind! My mom is even looking into purchasing one for my elderly grandmother.

Kids wearing Jiobit at DIsney World

Jiobit GPS tracking device

Right now Jiobit is so incredibly popular that they are on a waitlist.  However, Jiobit has graciously given my followers a VIP sign-up link so they will be first to receive the new release when they are available! Make sure to click HERE to join the VIP waitlist.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!

*Jiobit provided me with these products but the review and opinions are all my own.