Mikaela J

DIY Marble Dish

Hello friends! Today I am so excited to post one of my favorite DIY’s ever! I have made these marbled fingernail polish dishes a few times for gifts and they always get rave reviews.  You probably already have all of these items in your house and in 5 minutes you could have one too!

This project is so easy and only requires a few items.  You will need a dish that you would like to marble – I used dishes from World Market that were about $1-$2 each.  I recommend a white ceramic item because they marble really well.  Then you will need nail polish, a dish with warm water, a toothpick and a plate or parchment paper for drying.

The next part goes pretty quickly.  You will want to choose the nail polish you are using, open it up and pour it (close to the surface of the water) in the warm water.  As soon as the nail polish hits the water it dries really quickly, so pick up your toothpick and swirl the nail polish around in the warm water and start dipping your dish.  You can move it all around until you get the look you want.  Then put the item on the plate or parchment paper and wait for it to dry.

It is SO easy.  I can’t wait for you to try it and share your items with me! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @mikaelajdesigns so I can check out your creation 🙂  Also, please check out the video below that will walk you through each step!

Thanks so much and see you next time!