Mikaela J

{diy} vanity display

hello loves!  Today I am going to show you the easiest project ever.  Literally, anyone can do it and there are endless options when it comes to your taste and style.  We are going to be making a display for your desk or vanity.  I use mine on my vanity and I display my most-used items so they are easily accessible in the morning or when I am running out the door.  Here is what mine looks like –

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.52.51 PM


As you can see, I have my moisturizers, most commonly used lipsticks, the color of nail polish I am wearing for easy touch-ups, my travel sized perfume for quick application, and my most-used accessories that help me look somewhat pulled together when trying to get out of the house with a baby.

The only items you will need for this project are 2 plates, 1 candlestick and a strong glue.


That is where the fun part kicks in.  You can pick any plates and candlesticks that you like.  You really can’t mess up.  I used a blue and white seersucker plate that I got on sale at Homegoods for $4 and then a stray white plate I had laying around the house.  I bought the candlestick at Target.  Then you glue.



You glue the bottom of the candlestick and center it on the larger plate.  Then you glue the top of the candlestick and center the smaller plate on top of the candlestick.  Then you wait 24 hours to let the glue dry.  That’s it! Have fun crafting!