Mikaela J

Family Day at Legoland During Covid

We first visited Legoland last year and we new immediately that we wanted to make visiting the park an annual tradition. The kids beg to go back all the time and dare I say it, they continuously proclaim that Legoland is their favorite amusement park in the area. This year we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to visit because as many of you know, my daughter Brayden is extremely high-risk and we have been very cautious during this crazy time of Covid. I spoke with a few of my friends who had visited recently and they assured me that Legoland was a great way to spend the day and still feel comfortable following CDC guidelines. And they were right! Most of the rides and experiences are outdoors and we never once felt uncomfortable while we were there. If you too are looking for an amazing day to spend with your family while staying safe, Legoland is the perfect solution.

We arrived at the park as soon as they opened and quickly made our way to the front gate. We love to go between Halloween and Christmas because we feel the crowds are low and the weather is perfect. After making our way in the park, we had to stop and check out Miniland USA. This iconic area of the park is full of miniature buildings and cities and it is truly amazing to see the talent and skill that goes in to recreating these figures.

After checking out every last Lego in Miniland USA, we made our way to the rides. One of my favorite things about Legoland is that if you have younger children – mine are 5 and 6 – then they can ride almost all of the rides. This makes the experience so much more fun! We were able to ride all of the rides that we wanted to and because of the short lines and minimal crowds, we rode our favorites 3 and 4 times! My kids love the roller coasters and my favorite is the Unikitty’s Disco Drop.

We spent most of our day riding all the rides and eating all the snacks. Legoland has multiple restaurants and food vendors throughout the park but our favorite has to be Granny’s Apple Fries. The lightly battered apples are fried and topped with cinnamon and ice cream and they are truly something you can not miss!

Because we visit during the fall season, the waterpark was not opened, but we really hope to visit another time when we can experience the waterpark. We also want to book a hotel room at one of their on-site resorts because the rooms look amazing! This would be such a special treat for a birthday celebration.

Picture from Legoland Website

We ended up staying at Legoland from the time they opened until the time they closed and we enjoyed our day so much! It was such a wonderful experience to be able to get out and do something special as a family and still feel safe. I highly recommend everyone visiting or living in Orlando to schedule a trip to Legoland for your family. It will definitely be an experience you will not forget!

Thank you so much to Legoland for generously gifting the tickets. All experiences and opinions are my own.