Mikaela J

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale {Tips and Tricks}

It’s almost here! The Lilly Pulitzer sale was just announced and the dates this year are September 7&8 (in store) and September 9-11 (online). Every Lilly lover out there knows there is one sale a year that you can. not. miss.  The After Party Sale is the mother of all sales and I am SO excited that it is coming up soon! I have been through my fair share of Lilly sales and even though they are still crazy every year, I have definitely learned a few tips and tricks that will help you out along the way.  If there are any items that you are desperately in search of, make sure to call your store to see if they have the items and you can score them a day early!

Here are my tips for a less stressful After Party Sale! I would love for you to share your tips below!

{1} Create an account and save your credit card information! This tip is super important because Lilly does not save your items in your cart.  So as soon as you have items in your cart that you need, I would recommend checking out asap and having your credit card information saved makes this so much easier! Shipping is always free so that you can check out as many times as you need to.  I will note though, that you will have to get back in the virtual line each time after checking out.

{2} Get in line at 8am and don’t refresh!  The After Party Sale starts at 8am EST.  Each year has gotten a little bit better, but the website gets a little crazy.  The last couple of years Lilly has created a “virtual” line and in my opinion, this has made things a lot easier.  You can get in line at 8am and it might take a while to actually shop, but definitely don’t refresh! As much as you feel like you might not be moving up in line, the second you refresh, you will go right back to the end of the line.

{3} Shop your closest store. If there is something you are really looking for, it might be easier and a lot less stressful to call or shop at your local store.  This year the sale starts on September 7th in the Lilly Pulitzer stores and they usually have a great selection.  If you want to shop the first day of the sale, make sure to arrive early! The line starts to back up at most locations well before they open. It’s nice because you can try on pieces and see pieces in person that you might be interested in. There have been many times I have wanted a specific piece and it has been sold out online but my local store has it in stock.  A lot of stores ship as well so you don’t have to stick to the store closest to you!

{4} Try on for size.  If you are new to Lilly or new to some of the different styles and pieces, I would recommend going into a store or a department store that carries Lilly to try on for fit.  All sales are final for the After Party Sale so you want to make sure you are buying the correct size.

{5} Shop at signature stores and department stores too! Don’t limit your search to Lilly stores only! Last year I bought a ton of stuff on Saks and Nordstrom and got amazing deals! I know Amazon and Zappos also carry a bunch of Lilly and might have some great deals as well!

{6} Shop on different devices.  Each year I might go a little overboard but I have my laptop, ipad and iphone all going at the same time.  I am in “line” on all of my devices and shop on all three when my turn comes up.  To make this even easier, make sure to download the Lilly Pulitzer app to your phone and ipad.

I hope everyone has a great sale day and snags some amazing deals!

Thanks so much, good luck, and see you next time! xoxo