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How I Make $20 an Hour Working from Home and Still Have Time for my Kids

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked for extra ways to make money.  I started working as a hostess at 13 and I would work three jobs each summer when I was home from college.  With any full-time job I have ever had, I have always done something extra on the side.

Once I had kiddos, my whole work life was turned upside down.  I left my job to be a full-time mommy and even though I don’t regret it for one minute, I missed working and bringing in an income of my own.  It took a few years of trying out different business ventures, but I have finally found one that works for my family and I couldn’t help but share it with anyone else that might be looking for something similar.

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares a legit work from home opportunity! Check out how she makes $20 an hour working from home with her kids!

One day when the kids were napping I clicked on a Forbes article that listed the top companies to work for in 2017.  The list was specifically geared for remote/work-from-home opportunities.  I clicked through the first couple and immediately stopped when I got to what was listed as the #5 company.  At first I wasn’t sure what to think, but I started doing research and I knew immediately I wanted to give it a shot.

Make $14-$22 an Hour working from home

VIPKID is a work-from-home company where you teach ESL to kids in China.  They are looking for applicants that have a Bachelor’s Degree and have some experience with children (teaching, church nursery, babysitting, homeschooling, etc.).  The interview process was pretty simple and within days I had the job and could start teaching.  In my opinion, the pay is great.  It ranges from $14-$22 per hour based on your experience.  All you need is a computer, a reliable internet connection and a headset and you can teach from any quiet spot in your home, hotel, etc.

How to make $14-$22 an Hour Working from Home

My absolute favorite part about the company is that you create your own schedule.  You only open up time slots that you are available to teach and then parents book you based on your availability.  The hours are a bit tricky because you are teaching children in China.  I work from 5:30am – 7:30am each morning and some hours during the evening and weekends when I don’t have any prior plans.  This is especially great for me because I work before my kids wake up and after they go to sleep.  I open my schedule around them and I never feel like I am taking away from my mommy duties.  This job is great for teachers who are looking for additional money during summer break, moms who are looking for a flexible schedule, or just the hustlers looking to bring in some extra money each month.

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares a legit work from home opportunity! Check out how she makes $20 an hour working from home with her kids!

Since I have started, this job has completely changed my life.  My “side hustle” has given me the opportunity to book a vacation for my family and I am on my way to paying off my school loan.

I would love to share as much information as I can about the company or answer any questions you might have.  If you click on this link and fill out a profile, shoot me an email and I can help you with your interview process! I have spent a long time trying to find something that worked for me and my family and I am so excited to share it with anyone that will listen!  My email address is mikaela.marra@gmail.com – please email me with any questions you have!