Mommy Monday {Packing Tips with My Favorite Crab & Cleek Tote}

Happy Monday, friends! I can not believe it is already October! If you are anything like me, October starts the busiest time of the year.  With holidays and cooler weather, we have tons of weekend getaways planned and it will be Christmas before we know it! With a new month also comes new and exciting things for Mikaela J.  I am SO excited to start participating in a Mommy Monday series with some other great mommy and style bloggers.  Each month we will share some of our favorite products with you.  This month I am thrilled to share one of my absolute favorite totes.  This Crab & Cleek tote was my go-to all summer long and I am excited to start using it as my carry on for all of my trips this fall.  It is the perfect size and can double as my diaper bag when we are out and about.

As some of you know, I worked for a luggage company when I was in high school and college. In my 6 years working with the company, I have to say that I learned a lot of tips and tricks when it came to traveling and packing.  Since then I have used those tricks to pack for many trips.  My biggest accomplishment to date was packing my husband and I for a week in Hawaii, where he and I both had a wedding, rehearsal dinner and many activities to attend, all in 2 carry-on bags. Read below for my favorite packing tips 🙂

1. Everybody getcha roll on– I am sure many of you have heard this one, but one of my favorite tips is to roll your clothes.  I start by rolling all of my t-shirts, pj’s, casual dresses, gym clothes and skirts.  I have found that they take up a lot less room this way and you can really take advantage of all the space in your suitcase.
2. Plastic makes perfect– If I am bringing any nice dresses or tops, especially anything silk, I always wrap them in a dry cleaning bag.  The plastic helps protect them in the suitcase and also prevents wrinkles.
3. Bag the shoes – When I am trying to pack conservatively, I usually only like to bring a max of 4 pairs of shoes – one of which I will wear on the plane or in the car. The rest I place in the dust bags that came with the shoes, or this cute one my bestie’s mom gave me, to keep them from touching my clothes.  I place the bags on the bottom of the suitcase and put my rolled clothes around them in any of the free space.  If you don’t have shoe bags, one of my all-time favorite tips is to cover the bottoms of your shoes with a hotel shower cap.

4. …and the undies – I roll all of my belts, socks and undies up and place them inside my shoes.  Make sure they aren’t stretching any of your shoes when you do this.

5. Fold the jeans – but only once– I have found that folding jeans or thicker pants works better than rolling and seems to take up less space.  I try and fold them as few times as possible, and place them on top of all of my rolled items.  Doing this also creates a bit of a weight for those clothes and might even give you some more room in the end.

6. Bras go in the corners– I usually only pack a couple bras with me when I travel, but folding them and placing them in the corners of your suitcase keeps them from arriving bent and damaged.  Again, use the space around them for rolled items – this can also help them maintain their shape.

7. Bag lady– I use ziplock bags like they are going out of style.  They are the best way to ensure that your toiletries don’t leak in your bag.  I always pack a couple of extras so that I can use them on the way home as well.  I also use small ziplocks when I am traveling with long necklaces that could potentially get tangled.  Just place the string halfway outside of the bag and close the bag around the chain!

8. 2 jars of smashed peas, please– Who knew jars of baby food would be one of your favorite travel accessories? Emptied and cleaned baby food jars are perfect for small jewelry, lotions, shampoos, hair creams – anything! You can easily label them with a sharpie or a sticker and reuse them over and over again.

Packing tips and tricks

Other travel tips:

* I always bring an umbrella (literally the smallest one I can find) just in case I get stuck in rain.

* Try and find a clutch that goes with most of the outfits you plan on bringing.  That way you can use the same clutch each night instead of bringing a large bag or look for a crossbody that can transition from day to night.

* I like packing outfits that transition well into the evening.  Those jeans and top you are wearing with flats during the day can be kicked up for cocktail hour with a pair of heels, your clutch and an awesome blazer and jewelry.

* When I am packing for a longer trip, I love staying in one color palette so that I can mix and match.

* If you are traveling to a cold climate, try wearing your bulkiest items on the plane. This way you have more room in your suitcase.

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