Mikaela J

My Actual Daily Quarantine Schedule with Kids

If you are anything like me, you like to be out of the house and these last couple of weeks of quarantine have been quite a challenge when trying to come up with something that works for you and your family. I work from home and my husband is still required to go into his office, so I knew immediately that I had to come up with a schedule that would keep us from going completely crazy.

My children are 6-years-old and 5-years-old and they thrive off of routine. Being home all day and attempting to keep some sort of normalcy is so important for them and I think I finally came up with a schedule and routine that works for us. I wanted to share our daily schedule in case anyone else is trying to organize their day! I did want to note that fortunately, most of my work is done before the kids wake up and the rest I can do throughout the day. I am sure this schedule would be a lot different if I had a regular 9 to 5. I also want to tell you that schedule or no schedule, you are all doing an amazing job and your kids will be just fine! This is a crazy time filled with a lot of unknowns and being there for your children and protecting them is the most important thing right now!

My Actual Daily Quarantine Schedule with Young Children

I usually get up really early and teach ESL to kids in China so my days start well before the kids get up. This schedule has been really helpful with my kids home all day because I am able to accomplish so much before even starting their long list of assignments and activities. Quarantine or not, I think that getting up at least an hour or so before your kids wake up gives you such a better and more productive start to your day!

The rest of the day is pretty flexible but we like to accomplish all of the things on this list so that the children can stick to a routine. I am not by-the-minute but they definitely know when yoga time is coming up and when they need to focus on school work. It helps to stay consistent so that they know that after some school-time, they will get a break and get to do something different!

I also like to sprinkle in a lot of activities throughout the day that keep them moving. They love to dance, play outside and do yoga. We have been obsessed with Cosmic Kids Yoga which is a free yoga class on YouTube geared to children. The classes are themed and so fun!

Even though we are supposed to be “distance learning” everyday, I want my kids to enjoy this special time we have together. I want them to know how much they are loved and I make it a point to plan a lot of activities we can do together as a family. We make sure to have dinner at the table every night, have family movie nights and cook special deserts together. These are things we normally wouldn’t have time to do during the school week and I think these things are so important!

I try and sneak in work when I can, but my children require a lot of hands-on help with homework and assignments so most of the day is spent helping them and watching them. I also think that cooking dinner early while they are enjoying some free time has been a great way to keep things on schedule. The first few days we were eating much later than normal, which would push back bedtime, and I could definitely tell their behavior was being affected. Once we got back into our normal “school-life” routine, I saw a huge change in behavior and overall happiness.

Again, everyone’s day is so completely different and I know that different aged children will also follow a very different schedule, but sharing ours might be helpful to some! I hope and pray that everyone is safe and well and our families and kiddos return to their normal lives soon! Are you sticking to a schedule during the quarantine or are you just enjoying the flexibility and free time? As always, thank you for stopping by and see you next time!