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Setting a Fall Schedule {with Aleve}

Happy Fall Y’all!

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It is finally fall, my absolute favorite time of the year!  I love the cooler weather and the smell of hot homemade soups simmering on the stove.  I also love that the kids are back in their school routine and that this mama can start getting back into her workout routine and daily work schedule.  As my blog grows and as my teaching schedule gets more demanding, I have found it so hard to keep up! You would think that once the kids are back in school you would have all this free time, but for me, life has never been busier! Now that the kids are in different schools I find myself running all over the place, my to-do list has never been longer and work is always piling up!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working hard to fine-tune my schedule and figure out the best way to fit everything in.  Here are some things that have worked for me that I thought I would pass along! What are you doing to help you power through your day?

Make a List before you go to Bed

I don’t know about you but my mind is always going.  It is so hard for me to turn it off and I am always thinking about what I need to do next.  This is extremely hard when it is time to shut down and go to sleep. Recently, I have been making my next day’s to-do list right before bed. I keep the notepad on my nightstand and jot down any tasks I need to complete the next day.  This gets everything off my mind and I feel better knowing it is written down and I can tackle it in the morning. For occasional sleeplessness associated with minor pain try Aleve PM.

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares how she sets up a Fall schedule. Check it out now and see if you can use this to create your own schedule!

Use your Phone Calendar and Alerts

This is something I just started doing and it has been a game-changer! I have always written down my schedule, which I still do, but now I also add my meetings and classes to my phone. This is so important when I am out and about and I get a meeting request or I have to book an appointment. I know immediately what my schedule looks like and I can set up alerts to remind me the day before and the hour before. Everything is in one place and always on me. I also use the alarms all day to remind me when I need to pick up the kids or go grocery shopping. That way I don’t get too wrapped up in something and completely forget.

Turn off the TV and Read

This has been the hardest thing for me! I always watch TV at night and fall asleep with the TV on. As much as I would try to go to bed early, I would get wrapped up in a movie or a show and I would end up falling asleep much later than I had planned. Not only was this terrible for my sleep quality, but it didn’t provide me with the rest I needed to take on the next day. Now I read a chapter or two of my book and I feel much more rested in the morning. This helps me to feel better during the day!

Florida lifestyle blogger, MikaelaJ, shares how she sets up a Fall schedule. Check it out now and see if you can use this to create your own schedule!

Meal Plan

Meal planning can be an excellent way to take one thing off of your to-do list.  Coming up with lunch and dinner ideas is a daily struggle and planning them out over the weekend is a huge time saver.  Every Sunday we come up with our menu for the week and I know exactly what we need from the store. This saves us time because we are not making multiple trips to the grocery store each day!  I also feel like we are saving money because we are able to plan out meals using the same ingredients.

Schedule your Workouts in Advance

If I don’t schedule my workout in advance, it never happens! I have been scheduling all of my Orange Theory classes for the week on Sunday and I immediately add them to my calendar. That way I am held accountable and I know that it is just part of my day. I always feel so much better when I work out and feeling better helps me accomplish more. It’s a win-win!  

That being said, because I am always running around and working out 4-5 times a week, sometimes this mama’s muscles are tired! The kids are still at that age where they want to be carried at times and after working out, I can feel it in my shoulders and back.  Ever since I was traveling on the road with my production job, Aleve Back & Muscle Pain has been my go-to for relief of back and muscle pain. I remember hauling around heavy cameras and light kits for hours each day and being exhausted. Aleve always came to my rescue and helped me finish the job.  Now as a mom, Aleve Back & Muscle Pain has helps me more than ever and it offers me the all day pain relief I need so I can put my whole self into each day. Right now I am so excited to share that Aleve is offering you a rebate! Check out all the details below!* #NeverBackDown #Aleve

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I hope all of you mamas and girl bosses out there are knocking out your to-do lists! I can’t wait to hear what works for you and helps you power through your day!

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