Mikaela J

summer wedding tips


Once summer starts, so do the weddings and shopping for them can be so much fun!  Make sure you read the invitation to get a feel for the type of attire you will need for the event.  Not sure?  Ask the bride or someone close to the bride – better to be safe than sorry.  A garden wedding is the perfect time to wear a fun hat (think derby, not baseball), dress up a long maxi dress, or pull out your gold flats.  Just make sure you don’t go too casual.
My best tips for summer weddings are:
* Do not, under any circumstances, wear white.  It is never okay. And I would even go as far to say that you should also not wear white to the rehearsal dinner.  There are so many other colors – pick one.
*Always think about the venue and choose your shoes wisely.  You do not want to be tripping because your 6″ Louboutins got caught in the grass.  I would say that if it is outdoors, always go for a cute flat or a low wedge.  That goes for beach weddings as well.  You also want to think about how much you plan on dancing.  You never want to be that person barefoot on the dance floor.  That is never a good look.
* Always show up at least 20 minutes before the wedding is scheduled to start.  If the bride has a wedding planner, most will make it their mission to start a wedding on time.  This means, in most cases, the bride going down the aisle at exactly the time it states on your invitation.  This also means that grandmother’s, mother’s and the bridal party have already been seated at this point, which can take up to 5-7 minutes.  Make sure you arrive well before the time on the invitation so you aren’t busting up in the church just as dear old grandma Beatrice is being escorted down the aisle.
* Turn off your phone.
* Spit out your gum.
*Don’t leave before the cake is cut.  The cake cutting is the international symbol (maybe not international, but you get the point) for guests to leave the event, if they choose to do so.  The cake cutting is usually scheduled about 2 1/2 hours into the wedding and after the cake is cut, you are more than welcome to congratulate the bride and groom and be on your merry way.
*And just once more – Turn off your phone and spit out your gum.