Mikaela J

The Secret to my Clean Car

I knew that keeping my car cleaned would help with my sanity, but I had no idea how easy and addictive it could be. With Mister Car Wash, they make it so simple. Their unlimited wash club allows you to zip in and get your car cleaned as often as you would like. I had so much fun driving through the tunnel and watching the signature HotShine Wax and Tire Shine work their magic. I definitely felt like a VIP as their employees welcomed me and helped me throughout the process. The best part is that after you drive through, you have access to a ton of free vacuums! Now all those goldfish and pretzels are goners.

In addition to their amazing car wash (seriously, my car was shining), I was surprised to hear about how much Mister does for their employees and for the community. For example, Mister recently granted $45,000 to deserving teachers for their classrooms, including recipient Evette Canino of Lakeview Middle School in Winter Garden, FL. It is so refreshing to hear about companies that truly care and like to give back.

Thanks to Mister Car Wash, I am now a proud member of the clean car club and I am never turning back. I actually love pulling in every few days for my car wash and vacuum. For anyone looking to step up their clean car game, I highly recommend looking for your closest Mister Car Wash! How do you keep your car cleaned?