Mikaela J

what you really need for new baby


{long post alert, but I wanted to share as much as possible!} Once you find out you are pregnant, one of the most exciting things you can do is start shopping for all of the items you need/want for new said baby. Believe me, I love shopping just as much as the next guy, but baby stuff can be expensive and all those “must-haves” start to add up – especially when three months after you have the baby, you realize a lot of those items were never used!  After having two babies within the past two years, I have decided to put together a list of items that really worked for us as a family and helped us during those first couple crazy fun months.  We actually own all of these items and have used them hundreds of times so hopefully this list can help you out in your registry or shopping adventures!  If you have any questions or if other moms have some favorites, let me know!  I am always looking for awesome items to help make my life easier 🙂 Also note that this list is primarily for those first couple months home.  I will share a list of favorites for different ages soon!

{blankets} we love these muslin blankets because they are so light and airy.  We live in Florida so these are perfect for swaddling during the hot months.  I also use these for covers while nursing and blankets to put on the floor during story time and play dates.  They are awesome and just get softer each time they are washed. My oldest is almost 2 and I still use these almost on a daily basis.

{swing} we have had this exact swing for two years now and use it all the time.  My oldest is too heavy for it now but my four month old uses it multiple times a day and I swear it has saved my life on many occasions.  I would say my only negative comment about this exact swing is that it definitely takes up some floor space.  If you have limited space, I would try this one instead.  But a swing in my mind is a must-have.  The babies usually love spending time in it and it is great for soothing or freeing up hands for chores or breaks.

{sound machine} we turn on the sound machine for naps and during the night.  Both of my kids have loved it and I definitely think it provides some consistency and security each night.  Turning it on is part of our night-time routine and it signals that bedtime is on the way.

{diaper pail} there will be diapers. lots of diapers. It’s nice to have somewhere for them to go 🙂

{breast pump and storage bags} i love this pump.  We actually got it through our insurance company so definitely check with them before buying anything! These are also great storage bags.  Easy to label and have never had an issue with punctures or freezer-burn.

{playmat} both of my kids have loved this playmat.  It provides a little extra padding for tummy time and is great for back and tummy play.

{body wash and cleaning products} we use Honest Company for almost all of our baby and home products.  We love their body wash and lotion and feel like we are making healthier choices for our little ones.  I’ve received a few questions regarding baby and home products, so I will dedicate an entire post to that on a later date.

{carseat} we LOVE this carseat.  I honestly can not say enough good things about it.  We used it with both kids and even though it is something that you will have to replace as the kids get bigger, it is the perfect seat for the first few months.  The seat is so easy to install and really easy to wipe clean.  We also love that it is compatible with most strollers and easy to pop in and out when you are running around town.

{sleeper} again – we LOVE this item.  Both kids have used this and it has been wonderful.  Easy to clean, super light and easy to travel with, perfect for reflux babies and awesome for making babies feel snug and secure.  We placed it right next to our bed every night and moved it around the house during the day.

{humidifier} there will be stuffy noses and this has been great for us.  Easy to use and looks nice on the table.

{bottles} i am sure I am not the only one out there who swears by dr. brown’s.  They are a pain the in ass to clean, but they are awesome. My first babe had bad reflux and these were the only bottles that helped control that.  They are also great for colic babies and help with gas.  Pain, but worth it!

{nursing pads} i love these reusable pads because you can throw them in the wash and reuse them over and over again.  Nursing pads are super expensive and I have also noticed that these are a lot more comfortable and fell less “diapery”on the boob. Hey, it’s a thing and anything that feels and looks better right now is a huge victory.

{baby monitor} this is a great monitor.  If you decide to have more babies, you can always add on additional cameras too, which is great.  It has a long battery life, a clear picture, good range, a music feature, a microphone and our absolute favorite thing – a thermometer.  I love the idea of knowing what the temp is in each room.  It is also great because you can automatically scan from room to room.

{drying rack} i am sure there are more practical drying racks out there, but this one is so cute.  It looks great on the counter top and helps organize the 900 bottle parts that you are going to have with the dr. brown bottles 🙂 and it’s cute.

{burp cloths} we used (and still use) burp clothes a lot.  We get lots of burps.  And lots of spills. I like to have one on me at all times and these are super easy to clean.  I keep some in the diaper bag, in the car, in my purse, in my pockets….kids are messy.

{baby carrier} everyone has a favorite and this is ours.  I never could quite figure out those baby wraps and this has always made me feel like my baby was secure.  This offers great support and can grow with baby. It is also super adjustable so hubby and I can easily wear this.

and you know you need clothes of course. not many – but you will need some 🙂 and don’t worry about spending tons of money on cute things.  they will get dirty and the babies are so small at this point that no one will really see what they are wearing because they spend most of their time curled up.  save the cute clothes for when they are crawling or start walking.  And diapers.  Lots and lots of diapers.  I would hold off on buying too many newborn diapers before baby comes.  Our boy came out wearing newborn sizes for only a couple weeks before going up a size.  Here are links to the items above along with some additional items that we love! Enjoy!